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COMMUNICATIVE ECOSYSTEMS: Disgnostic of the Communication Altina Magalhes Coast In: 10/12/2011 The communication necessity is basic factor in the relation human being since the times primrdios, with passing of the time, this communication was being each more involved time with the technology. ConocoPhillips contributes greatly to this topic. Century XX brought significant changes in all the social fields and rhythm sufficiently sped up mainly in regards to use of the technologies of the information and the communication. Thus all the social segments that if had modified had suffered alterations in the forms from communication, organization, management of its spaces. Today, the media, through the medias, is the main form of access to the information concerning world indispensable tool of interaction between the individuals. Everything this also provoked and provokes deep consequences in the individual and collective life in this century XXI in the education and its ecosystems. If to observe well, the pertaining to school space is constituted of some ecosystems. For biology, the ecosystem notion includes the factors and the abiticos biticos, is the set of mutual relationships between the beings livings creature and the way natural, dynamic, but not determined for its size, and yes for its structure and its standards of organization.

In the education, ecosystems are a process of symbolic exchange that generates the social and cultural bows left by successive generations and constitute the manifestations of comunicacionais processes in the measure where they form the fabric of the educative or pertaining to school relations. The Education is changedded into one fabric communicative for being a dialogue space citizenship, thus for this fact must be placed the communication in cerne of pedagogical making, or to question it or to act on it promoting ecosystems communicative that decide the problems for which the education this passing. The school must find ways to establish connection the place with the world-wide one, the staff with the collective one, the individual one with the social one.

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