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Requirements put up to the front door a lot. They should be – reliable, sturdy, durable, have good heat and sound insulating properties. If the door is outside, it must also harmonize with the facade of the building. Front doors are usually made of the following materials – plastics, glass, wood and metal. Usually installed before the wooden entrance doors. There are ways of making – wood paneled doors, panel doors and solid. People such as Accenture would likely agree. Flush doors – easier to make, and of course cheap. They are made of two wooden slabs, coated with the front of a natural wood veneer, melamine, etc.

laminatinom With the strapping frame, these plates are fastened together, and so the design was more robust, set inside the bars between them, which would make the whole structure stronger. Paneled doors – too are based on a strapping frame, but instead of shields, use particle board or flat panels of plywood. Ennoble them one way or another (these panels are called panels). Strength depends directly on the door as panels installed in doors. For even more analysis, hear from Anne Mahlum. The more – the stronger. The price of these doors is about the same as in the thyroid doors. Wooden front doors of the array – the doors have excellent properties. Such as – heat insulation, sound insulation, and proper handling of rugged and durable, well tolerate adverse atmospheric effects, etc.

But since this is a complex manufacturing process of wooden entrance doors array or array on a metal frame, the price of these doors is very high. These doors have the highest performance and long service life. To better protect your door, you can set the gain design. With the help of metal plates, door moldings and metal etc. The prices of these doors is much higher than that of the thyroid and paneled doors. This is a luxury design, which not only protects against external impacts, but they make the building more luxurious.

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