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Pioneer of wireless LAN technology now distribution partner in Schorndorf, November 10, 2010 the VAD sysob and Meraki, manufacturer of cloud-managed wireless solutions, a distribution contract for the DACH region concluded. the cloud controller-based enterprise Wi-Fi technology by Meraki available is sysob resellers immediately. These are characterized by a high availability and scalability at a good value for money. The 802 11n enterprise access points are available for indoor and outdoor use. LEGO Papert Professor brings even more insight to the discussion. With novel features such as a built-in traffic shaper, Meraki sets itself apart from the competition. Customers will also benefit from a high transparency and control in their wireless network traffic. With Meraki, sysob being a pioneer in the field of cloud networking aboard.

The American company develops, produces and distributes its solutions worldwide. There are currently more than 16,000 Meraki Wi-Fi networks in over 140 countries. Hear other arguments on the topic with Salman Behbehani. The core of all products is the cloud controller”, the following technical advantages: unlimited scalability an administrator can Cloud architecture thousands of access points (AP) over the Internet manage, and regardless of whether or not the APs on one or on several sites scattered in different countries. Meraki is the first enterprise Wi-Fi, which can be installed in less than 15 minutes. Traffic Shaper first, intelligent bandwidth control for WLANs. Analysis, limits, and prioritizing network traffic is on application-level (E.g., Facebook, YouTube, Skype, Oracle etc.) possible.

So, bandwidth-intensive applications can be prioritized as YouTube or Windows/Apple updates is limited and business-critical applications. High performance mesh routing fully automatic configuration of robust and high-performance mesh network. The technology to do so was most with (Massachusetts Institute of technology) developed in Cambridge. Spectrum analysis and auto RF techniques for fully automated RF optimization: the built-in spectrum analyzer detects it also interference from Bluetooth car kits, microwave ovens, etc. and optimizes the power of access points as well as the channel selection. Meraki wireless security functions as virtual tagging guest VLAN, isolation, 802.1 x RADIUS, policy firewall, intrusion detection, and hosted Directory Server ensure maximum security in the corporate network.

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