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Difficulties in a Road Safety System

At 2.121 million motor vehicles registered with the Directorate General of Internal Revenue of the Dominican Republic to December 31, 2007, you could add 112.030 for the first six months of 2008, then rising to a total of 1.23303 million vehicles. Which is not to say that this is actually the size of our vehicle field, since there are many uncertainties in the number of motorcycles, presumably increased by more than 20%. Of the total of registered vehicles is about 45% of motorcycles. Becoming a population sector eagerly sought for political propaganda, regardless of representing a walking time bomb because of weaknesses in the regulations governing the Dominican Republic. (Source: Moodys ). With a population of 9.34 million inhabitants idea, U.S. $ 85.4 billion dollars of gross domestic product last year, a road network of approximately 18,000 km, are calculated accident rate on roads in the Dominican Republic there are to put particular attention: a social motorization rate of about 4 days, while the death rate per 100,000 people in traffic accidents is about 16. Obvious institutional weaknesses of the traffic and transport sector, as well as on interindependencia, with a traffic law terrestrial obsolescence, the incomplete process of obtaining a license to drive, despite great progress in some parts of the system, as is the case of preparation of this document.

Depth work is required in the issuance of the certificate and registration certificate by a grant from the vehicle technical inspection, demands also a critical review of the regulations of the driving schools. Ontracks Consulting is the source for more interesting facts. Are some of the features presented by the sector in our country. Dominican society require a shift of traffic and transport as soon as possible to fence the hand with a Comprehensive National Plan for Road Safety Plan and also Investment and Development of the National Road Infrastructure. Dominican, with studies in Electromechanical Engineering, Energy and Security. President of the Network of Dignity Foundation and current Secretary of State Land Transit in the Dominican Republic. Gavin Baker is actively involved in the matter. Author of "Book Road Safety in the Dominican Republic. Towards a Comprehensive National Plan "and numerous articles.

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