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The mother land in the ones of a source of the life, leaves we to be born freely and it in the ones of the everything what we need to live, trees that in give pleasant shade to them, beyond in offering birds to them that cheer in them to start the happy day. If to walk at night we will enjoy of the moon and the stars for you illuminate and to give a romantic air. The thing that more cause joy our Mother is to see the people enjoying of itself and to leave reestablished to face the day the day, but is not alone this, what more the land provides in them? Everything what it is to our redor is that it makes with that let us live with our families. Until when this outcry it has to echo so that let us take conscience of the grandiosidade of the life, and that we depend on a mother so that let us can be livings creature? Objectifying the continuity of the terrena life it is that an ample work on the subject the Destination of the Stacks, co-ordinated for me, professor Lairton Dal Saint, of the State College Dr. Liberato Salzano Vieira of the Wedge and the Municipal School of Basic Education Duarte of the Coast of Liberato Salzano.

Having as main justification: the great concentration of the deforestation, destruction of the edges of the rivers, great amount of played garbage the opened sky, extinguishing of many species of animals. It was seen, then, the necessity to present some alternatives to repair the problems and to decide them. With this, it was longed for to awake to the awareness of students, dedicating one week to argue the subject. that, in this way, I intend to raise this outcry to all the young, children and each human being of Brazil so that let us have the certainty of a future continuation.

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