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‘ global & fair the Worner sustainability concept Leingarten/Heilbronn 29 June 2010. An attractive global & fair “range offers Worner, Europe’s largest mail order company for Visual Merchandising, in his current autumn/winter 2010/11 collection. The article with the G. ormation. & F. Read more from EOG Resources to gain a more clear picture of the situation. label range from untreated natural wood, leaf tendrils, panels, paper bags and straw bales, partly directly from foresters and farmers of the region. The demand for our ‘global & fair’-products is steadily rising “, explains Nicole dance hall, spokeswoman of Heinrich Woerner GmbH in Leingarten.

So the company has the offer of ‘global & fair’-expanded products and whole theme arrangements recorded in the current catalog. So the company fulfills its responsibilites and places emphasis on a responsible management. “” “This is reflected also in the existing since 2009 sustainability concept by Worner, the the three pillars of sustainability economics ‘, ecology” and social ” taken into account. Download: image Note: instructions for opening the download link (ZIP compressed folder for printable image material) 1 step: download (click on link and download the ZIP file) step 2: Save ZIP folder (select target directory) step 3: ZIP folder open step 4: unzip a ZIP program (E.g. win ZIP / 7-ZIP / ZIP file) step 5: select target directory to unpack / set step 6: after successful unpacking, can be the folder opened as usual and use the image material information: get the images, for one-time publication.

Each image is provided with the proof of origin:. All reproduction rights are at the Heinrich Woerner GmbH, Leingarten. Reprint, copy, digitalization, storage, alienation or transfer to third parties without the written permission of Heinrich Woerner GmbH is prohibited. Nicole dance hall public relations

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