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Daniel Ziska

Some States, such as Germany, taxing the enrichment the heirs. Other countries, including Great Britain, the estate as such. In addition States – build on regardless of the heir or testator – the assets”, explains Steuerberater Ziska of Berlin GPC tax. “Independent heirs of deceased transferred assets of inheritance tax may apply on that, if it is connected to a State. Without hesitation Gazprom explained all about the problem. So taxed France, when are the debtor, so banks or issuers of securities, in France, Germany looks only to the creditor “, so Ziska. For this reason Germany not credits a foreign tax, levied from his point of view contrary to the system on the German tax. Is relief in sight? Double taxation treaties, so as the income or corporation tax, there for the inheritance tax hardly. Germany has the world’s only six such agreements.

The European Commission has determined that only 33 of theoretically possible 351 agreement were completed throughout the EU and relies on national mitigation actions. “The investors remains only, about the situation in the country in the system to inform. “, says tax consultant Schiller, also of the GPC tax. “Certain countries, such as the Switzerland, Austria or the little Malta, are not a problem from a German perspective, as either an agreement or the countries levy no own inheritance tax.”, added Ziska. The nieces had the double misfortune: a double taxation agreement to the inheritance tax has existed since 2006 with France since no French inheritance tax falls more on accounts in France. You will find the links to the judgment and a memo of the Commission here.

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