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Culinary Discoveries At Lake Garda 2010

Incredible enjoyment diversity in the various regions around there you culinary discoveries from passion 2010 Lake Garda, the culinary discoveries around the Lago di Garda. Monika Kellermann, has scrutinized again over 100 Ristoranti, Osterie, trattorie and Enoteche and again summarized your findings in a restaurant guide. Lago the Garda. Here one thinks immediately of the Mediterranean cuisine, the incredibly good wine, Golden olive oil and the unforgettable and varied landscape around Lake Garda. The cuisine of different regions is as varied as the landscape.

Whether they want to eat in the Trentino a Carne salada, a risotto con la tinca in the Vento or Lombardia a delicious fish from the Lake, in this restaurant guide, everyone will find the right atmosphere for its culinary delights. You still the real Trattoria, where the pasta is prepared every day by hand, the romantic Ristoranti with lake views and still good food or the cosy wine bar, in which find important details, you can also get a tasty bite to eat and in which the numerous bars you accompanied by Stuzzichini (appetizers) the time up to the dinner enjoyable can pass for an aperitivo. The culinary discoveries at Lake Garda answers these questions and more 2010 “by Monika Kellermann. You want to learn about the wine list, know what are the opening hours and whether it is important to reserve a place? This restaurant guide leaves no question. Enjoy incredible easy to find. > Color to the orientation. Each region has its own colour: Brown for Trentino, green for Veneto, and orange for the Lombardia.

> Detail. There is a map in which all Ristoranti & co. with numbers are drawn before each region. A total map of all venues, so as to find the corresponding name in the front and rear parts of the book. > Tastes are different. The author has deliberately on a scoring, instead there is a short description of what awaits the guest in the respective local and of course a photo. Each description is clearly structured. Information about the atmosphere, the style of cooking, the wine list, the price level, how many seats there are, what languages are spoken, and even if there is a boat dock. > A comfortable start in the evening. Even with the newly recorded aperitivo bars the reader learns what drinks and Stuzzichini (hors d’oeuvres) are offered, how the prices are and how to get there more ambiance. > Italian peculiarities and practices. Finally, there are important tips about the practice in the Italian gastronomy, learns a lot about the culinary peculiarities of each region wherein Apertivo bars differ from the usual bars and why some Ristoranti are no longer around this year. > Summary 2010 again over 100 Ristoranti, Osterie, trattorie and Enoteche 30 new discoveries 36 pages more extensive than the 2009 Edition presentation of 13 aperitivo bars the next to spritz & co. offer also fun snacks for the small appetite before dinner. Monika Kellermann culinary discoveries at Lake Garda 2010 256 pages, richly illustrated price: 17,80 available over:, at Amazon, treat shops on Lake Garda and from April in selected bookstores posted in April 2010 by Vicky Elsasser

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