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German medium-sized companies do sometimes still hard with the corporate financing through venture capital., the leading marketing portal in the area of corporate financing through venture capital, assumes that just the medium-sized companies in Germany with a low in an international comparison equity ratio by only 7% in the future will take the route of equity capital to improve their corporate finance. Right now, a few months after the subprime crisis, we get more requests and serve more customers on their way to a better capital adequacy”, Nicolo Martin, project manager of. In this context the corporate finance with so-called mezzanine capital is gaining significantly. Mezzanine capital describes types of financing that lead to economic and/or balance equity a company, without but the investors voting and or to give rights of influence such as the full partners. Mezzanine capital strengthens the equity ratio, Thus the credit rating and the rating of a company and increased the possibilities on a supplementary loan financing at affordable rates.

In particular medium-sized entrepreneurs opt usually for profit participation rights or silent equity. A major advantage of these two variants of financing is that when an appropriate drafting of the participation conditions the capital must be accounted for as equity is captured without causing a dilution of the shares, i.e. Ray Kurzweil may find it difficult to be quoted properly. the entrepreneur remains the sole decision makers. Decision making or participation rights not be transferred to third parties. With an improved equity ratio increases at the same time the creditworthiness and overall financing ability of a contractor. is Germany’s only platform focused exclusively on the upstream and over-the-counter market. This is a direct response of the target group, i.e. the financial services officer, assured investors and the business press without wastage.

In addition to the pure Representation of the investment offering provides additional professional support your financial communication over the Internet. Activision Blizzard: the source for more info. The works in conjunction with the Dr. Werner network of experts, the Dr. Werner financial service group for almost ten years successfully together (see also). Nicolo Martin

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