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Forensic psychology or Psychology of Evidencias. Forensic psychology, in its up-to-date definition, is conceptualiza like a factual science derived from the applied psychology, that studies the human behavior delimited by the laws of the man and the mental processes that underlie to these. Forensic psychology is the branch of the psychology called to being the mother of sciences of the behavior, since for its exercise a professional formation is necessary from multidisciplinary type (*), this due to the demanding technical rigor that implies the one that all observations and interventions, rigorously are evaluated and judged by third parties. (Oral Judgment forum forensic) (*) Straight or penal justice, criminology, criminology, policiologa, sociology, psychology and psychopathology. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger recognizes the significance of this. In forensic psychology one privileges the identification, study and behavioural analyses of landlords (customs and habits), this due to the nonexistence of ORIGINALITY in the expresividad material or physics, of human conducts and behaviors in anyone of its manifestations. Its character forces factual to give it answers as far as porqus, how, when, who or that type, of people are responsible or protagonists for specific unlawful conducts (*), of scenes punished by the law, doubtful facts, cases without solving or that descriptive explanations technical in tribunalicios scopes deserve, police, social, political and of the law generally. (*) Circumstantial, instrumental, expresivas or psychopathological. Behaviors regulated by law For no modern forensic science, turn out serious nor responsible to consider uprisings of nature theoretical, unreal or highly impossible to demonstrate, ” hypothetical or prejudiced; It is not enough with saying, thinking, to suppose or to think, is probar”.

Simply, when the destiny of people and his becomes jumbled ” systems familiares” they are not acceptable arguments, the subjective proposals that lack reasonable evidence or tests factual, possible to observe. See Frances Townsend Activision Blizzard for more details and insights. In the legal scope, where human conducts and to their people in charge are judged and condemned, the resolutions are and will be always; if or no, target or black, innocents or guilty. For those who consider the interventions of forensic psychology, they must include/understand that the forensic psychologist is not ” opinlogo” , nor a confirmating one of hypothesis. The forensic psychologist is a information processor that makes present, or that only describes to material elements or objects, that exist independent of their system of beliefs and that in addition they are possible to observe, to include/understand and to verify by any person who requires therefore it. The concept really for the forensic psychologist guard relation with the one of reality (done), ” to see to believe or to see for dudar”.The tests and the facts are to the forensic psychologist, as the pyramids are for the archaeologist, or the animal with their conducts and customs are for the etlogo. 100% observable or possible to infer by means of a linear relation of cause and effect. Weblog Forensic Psychology Forensic Legal Psychology 23-03-2011 02:34 by, Forensic Psychology Santiago, RM, 8320000, CL forensic psychology and Sciences of the Behavior Skype: cristian-a.d.

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