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It is a fact that those who today have one less than 25 years old do not have that attitude, is not the same live it economic and emotional mind to you tell as they are the earthquakes. People is marked by the rest of his life and the city will not be the same. That is why impotence, because it hurts to death of so many children, elderly, and productive people who was doing good to his family and to his country, and now they are no longer. It hurts to know that they have been parents and children without relatives who loved; because our culture, consists precisely in that attachment to the family. It is when one wondered where is God? Because we are taught… do if you have faith will say you to this mountain moves you and moves? If so why an entire country is dying under the debris and nobody says: you ordered land don’t move so that you do not kill people?. Surely there will be who read this and say that I am blasphemous; what I don’t know is that these things happen for our sins, the same as I do for writing as well.

That God is good and we are sinners, we therefore deserve this punishment. Those who agree with this, okay for them; I say that we first invented to our gods and then We ask for miracles; After all there are many gods. But, it is a reality that has nothing to do with justice or injustice, the powerful of this land destriuido have part of nature and this destroys us; If it is true that those who are not powerful cannot destroy; is also true, we do nothing to prevent that you follow contaminated and hurting the ecosystem; on the contrary, to a lesser extent have collaborated. Therefore I say: Chileans who are suffering I join your mourning, I cry with you, with real tears, is incredible what has happened, some familaires will not appear others are dead and with all that pain, hunger, the namely, monopoly on humanitarian aid pillages of our neighbor, the injustice that characterises our countries,. The warrant that be strong, be patient, keep the mourning tradition is customary then to recover. If you’ve been alive, it’s a miracle, appreciates this way, you have something to do, why you left off, only you will know what it is. Enjoy those days months and years which starts today, live every moment as if it were the last day, do not waste time on trifles; the sun rises every day, life continues.

Sun, October 17 2021 » News