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But I think the most important thing of all is that companies to refine the flours, add them many chemical (to leave them well white) that they are lousy for our organism. If not, do you think white flours are addictive? Also, did you know that excessive consumption generates gallstones, or when you have fever it is recommended not to eat any refined food? Why refined products reduce as much as possible is highly recommended.Finally, let us be smart when choosing products that we consume.Thank you for continue to choose feed with the heart and not so much with his eyes. For any query I hope them in this portal or now gift them a 100% comprehensive pizza dough. Fillings I’ll tell is this Sunday, October 24 at the best time of your life (Sundays from 9 to 12 on the pop) with Claudio Maria Dominguez.pablito Martin. Chef Periodista.Masa pizzINGREDIENTES (2 pizzas) integral flour 500Sal 2 cucharadasSemillas 2 cucharadasAceite of olive 50 ccAgua 200 ccLevadura 30 Gramosazucar or malt extract 1 cucharaditPROCEDIMIENTOEn a small bowl put yeast, sugar or the malt extract, 2 tablespoons flour and 50 cc of lukewarm water.

Mix well and deja that ferment, or to begin to grow.Mix the flours.Meanwhile in Bowl large put flour, salt, oil, grinded and toasted seeds and mix well. Then incorporated the ferment and kept mixing. Act followed, add water and amasa until the dough is smooth. Espolvoreala with a little flour, cubrila with a nylon and deja that mild for at least twice (not less than 1 hour).Heats up the oven safe.I divided the dough into 2 and every estirala in a round dish with the help of a little more flour. Deja leven again until they double your volume.Mark the pizzas in an oven safe until you have floor (3 minutes approximately).

That is, you can lift the pizza with a spatula and have barely a little color.Masais clarification: remember that as you do this mass is going to leave every time better. The secret is to let you carry much. Pablito Martin.

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