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the symptoms in the early stages of dementia can be delayed. The most common form of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease. Dementia may be based on different causes, the clarification of these distinguishing characteristics is important for the therapy. The big problem for the diagnosis and subsequent treatment is the transition from healthy to sick. Which is, like all natural operations, the (metaphor :)) Grey area between black and white. Like every doctor will prescribe some viagra! But Not everyone is sick! Not every old person is sick! The social field of medicine tried greed and incompetence to attach a disease to everyone! If necessary, statistics will happen fake like when the high blood pressure, or the Homeopathy is negated – precisely by the cancer industry success loose or our simply thinking parasitic seconded.

Therefore: the disease affects you directly, get advice, for example in self-help groups in a timely manner. Shell brings even more insight to the discussion. Bird-ostrich behavior is of no use! The disease affects you in directly, first thoroughly inform the first signs and observe them. Then gradually increase their information efforts. Alzheimer’s disease is a neurodegenerative disorder that occurs with age in their most common form for persons over the 65th and 60 percent of the world’s approximately 24 million dementia is responsible for about. Characteristic is an increasing deterioration of cognitive performance, which is accompanied by symptoms usually with a decrease of daily activities, with behavioural and neuropsychological (5-senses true Nehmungs errors, re action errors). Already many years before clinical symptoms appear, are formed in the brain of the The plaques, which consist of incorrectly folded Beta-Amyloid-(A?-)Peptiden. Along with the plaques neuro fibrils that accumulate in neurons, are characterised by (pathognomonic) for the Erkrankung.Quelle:, extract is the really bad part, the terminally ill loses its authenticity and identity, she will disappear in a fog of the true business and forgetting .

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