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Therefore, the subject also for policy should be important. This is distracting but with the electricity price debate. For example, the Danes go ahead with good role model. You are trying to curb the price spiral for fossil fuels. Since early this year, the installation of new gas and oil boilers is forbidden there. This political development can in Germany but still waiting.

Therefore, consumers and homeowners are asked to invest on your own in an optimal thermal insulation and switching to cheaper and more environmentally friendly heating solutions. Heat pumps are an alternative. Air/water heat pumps are efficient even more if they run on solar power. Ten years oil prices at a glance knew above in recent years only one direction namely to heating costs. In the last ten years, the costs have for the crude oil price quintupled. The price of heating oil by an incredible 153 percent grew over the same period. Dr. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Royal Dutch Shell.

Steffen Bukold assumes that we have yet reached not the end oil price developments. He assumes that consumers pay heating oil already 184 cents per litre in the year 2030. 2002: 35 Cents per litre fuel oil 2012: 131 cents per liters of heating oil by 2030: 184 cents per litre of heating oil but why keep we still mind set? A liter of fuel oil has a very high energy content and is equivalent to 10 kilowatt hours. Unlike coal it burns relatively cleanly. Nevertheless: This fuel was 2012 at least two cents per kilowatt hour more expensive than gas. Renewable energy solutions lower heating costs A and O is to reduce its own heating needs. This can be achieved with the proper thermal insulation – or you have to sit in the cold. Who has already packed his own four walls warm, can think about the replacement of the boiler. There are, for example, energy-efficient renewable energy heating solutions in addition to pellets or wood Heat pumps. See also: heat pumps / contact: ever Energy Group GmbH John-Niemeyer-WEG 4 14109 Berlin phone: + 49 030/70 71 80 80 fax: + 49 030/70 71 80 79 press contact: Dominik Maina E-Mail:

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