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Budgerigars – And They Smell Yet!

Long has been assumed that parrots have no or a very weak sense of smell. A new study has now been considered. European oil comany follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. A group of Chinese scientists noted that Budgerigar hens can recognize males by certain Geruchststoffe that are secreted from the preen gland of the taps. Examines the Chinese Academy of Sciences the researchers have this on two different selection test and chemical analysis. A y Maze was used for the selection test.

Females could valves differ in this labyrinth because of the sense of smell of hens, which indicates gender differences of smell. Then indeed the chemical analysis of the secretions from the preen gland, it turns out that three Alkanole, Octadecanol, Nonadecanol, and Eicosanol, occur in males in fourfold greater amount than in females. By these molecules, one might assume that they act as male messengers. The test candidates, which was used to test this thesis, showed a significant preference for taps, which were treated with a mixture of these three Alkanole. You omitted no matter one which of the ingredients in this mix, the test cock lost attractiveness for the hens.

In the next time you try some of the cocks with this mixture, were others but treated with female preen gland secretions. Although the females could see the cocks, so pay attention to Visual differences of gender, selected prefers the roosters, who were treated with the mixture of the Alkanol. So the smell of selection by males and females is even more important than the look. Some cocks were treated as counter test again with the Alkanol mixture. This time a group of other cocks were but instead of female, treated with male preen gland secretions. And behold, the hens were exactly the same on both groups. The conclusion of this investigation suggests that the three identified Alkanole appealing affect in their interaction Budgerigar females. It means also, that the preen gland plays a previously unrecognized function in the sexual behavior of budgies. Last but not least by this research has also been shown that budgerigars have quite a sense of smell, is also more important than sight in some situations. This study must of course now be transferred to other parrot species and of course also on the other way around: the Budgerigar males can smell also the female? This is close but that must still be proven. Also would be interested in it, how is the situation of parrot species that have no preen gland. There is so much that still has to be researched about our feathered roommate. Exciting! Source: Jian-Xu Zhang, Wei Wei, Jin-hua Zhang, and Wei-he Yang, Uropygial gland-secreted Alkanols contribute to sex olfactory signal in budgerigars, Chem senses 2010 35: 375-382 Parrot expert Ann Castro helps you with all aspects of your feathered pets. Their website,, is the all-around resource with knowledge page, Forum and shop for happy and healthy parrots, parakeets and other birds. Ann Castro is author of several books about parrots and was in numerous TV guest. Clicker training for parrots, parakeets and other birds (vol. 1), ISBN: 978-3939770015 more clicker training for parrots, parakeets and other birds (vol. 2), ISBN: 978-3939770060 first aid for parrots, parakeets and other birds, ISBN: 978-3939770022 health card for parrots, parakeets and other birds, ISBN: 978-3939770046 Ann Castro

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