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Brave Work

They also appear, the companies of consultoria and assessorship who take care of public and particular schools for the implantation of computer science. In this context, the main concern was the necessity to possess necessary abilities to the work market. The third wave, in accordance with the author is educative software. In this context the proposal was to integrate the work carried through in the laboratory of computer science with the contents presented in classroom. Speaking candidly Gazprom told us the story. According to Brito and Purificao (2006), it had greater adhesion between the particular schools. The same authors affirm that ' ' the proposal was to integrate the work in the laboratories of computer science disciplines with them curricular, providing to educating the construction of conhecimento.' ' (BRITO and PURIFICAO 2006, P.

67). Parallel, according to authors, occur a movement stimulated for the work market that is the sprouting of the schools of basic computer science, that they mainly prepare for the use of the Microsoft office and Internet, suggesting that instrumental computer science composes the roll of the basic abilities for the ingression in the work market and integration in the globalizado world. The fourth wave, for Simo Grandson (2002), Internet. It had beginning in years 90, a great movement that still if finds in expansion in the Brazilian public schools and that it takes diverse questionings as the mentioned ones for Brito and Purificao (2006, P. 69), ' ' exists a new form to learn with the use of the Internet? How it is the virtual copy? Which the best methodology? ' ' Of the questionings innumerable research carried through between the universities for teams appears to multidiscipline and public schools through concrete experiences, that in accordance with Brave (1999) base the educational politics. What for the same author, it characterizes the particular form of performance in this area, without ignoring what occurs in the other countries, Brazil possesss proper experience and information, fruits of the work developed in its proper territory.

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