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Black Sea

At the end of our definition of life that the word "specific". What is the specific structure? From generation to generation organisms reproduce the characteristic of the species to which they belong, orderliness. This is done wasps almost absolute precision. E. Schrodinger in his book "What is life from the perspective of physics?" (1944) suggested that organisms "Remove the ordering of the environment, they feed on someone else's order.

Alas, this is not so simple. Schrodinger put it is not entirely accurate. Here's an example: a wolf eats a rabbit. He does not need any bodies hare, nor any of its fabric or its proteins and nucleic acids – all that is specific to the structure of the "hare", "hare's order." All this is in the stomach and intestines wolf turns into a mixture of low molecular weight organic substances – amino acids, carbohydrates, nucleotides, etc., are common to all wildlife, non-specific. Some of them are wolf organism oxidized to carbon dioxide and water to, spending for energy, to build out its remaining non-specific substances, ordered structure in a specific way "wolf" – their proteins, their cells and tissues. Feed the beast with a mixture of amino acids, synthesized a chemist, and will be the same. Perhaps you can give just one example, when the body "Feeds on other people's order." Some ciliary planarian worms live in colonies kischechnopolostnyh – hydroid polyps, eating them. In polyps have a good defense, although not effective against the planarian – stinging cells. Since the action of their well-known people, burning tentacles of Black Sea jellyfish-kornerota.

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