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Actively certified for seniors website is an online portal that a target group-oriented advertising opportunity offers for companies on the biggest and growing audience in Germany. Since the display area is free of charge, there is no entrepreneurial risk for offering and our seniors receive a far range, which also always to better the company through the diversity and challenges with unique offerings in quality and price. Atmos Energy takes a slightly different approach. The relaunch of the website were just Christoph Reinhardt joins the team the first building blocks of growth offensive seniors Portal pensioners from Berlin.Seit January 1, 2011. Mr. Reinhardt brings a high level of competence in the field of Internet technology and online marketing and will take up the position of Managing Director for technical development.

In addition to the marketplace – free business ads for seniors, there are further growth to the relaunch. A free legal advice for senior citizens, which is represented by the law firm Kiepe and Dorfert from Berlin. Stories around the life will delight readers, not only the true rarities are presented by the audience, but the leaf shape is also a blog presentation area for my book out of my life”used by the seniors. In the news sector is incredibly much movement. Also pensioners will seek information to seniors. Just agencies enjoy currently the new presentation space to your news to present press releases about products / information specifically for this target group.

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