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Bamboo Fabric In The Interior

Bamboo fabric is a bar (called lamellae) in width from 4 to 17mm and thickness from millimeters to two, pasted on cloth or wooden base. The color of the coating varies widely – from light green and tortoise to dark brown (wenge and chocolate), thanks to this bamboo fabric in the interior allows us to implement the most interesting design decisions. In the manufacture of bamboo leaf bamboo is subjected to thermal processing; it was she who gives such a wide range of possible shades. In some cases the surface may already be in production canvases covered with paint or any natural dyes. Usually lamellae have a smooth surface, while at another option for treatment of intentionally leaving the natural thickening of the bamboo trunk, which only adds to the bamboo leaf in the interior of a natural material. In as a basis for applying a cloth or sheet chipboard, the first option is usually referred to as a rolled leaf, the second – shields. The latter is most often used in furniture production for the manufacture of furniture fronts, from the point view of a bamboo leaf in the interior of the most interesting is the first option – fabric-based

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