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At the moment I listen to and I read much with respect to the famous AUTORESPONDER and want to explain a little to them with works and which is the benefit to have them within your website. A Car to respond begins with a form that your you place in your page Web soliciing information of your visitors who in voluntary form come to fill, those data usually are the name of the visitor and its respective electronic mail, mainly before the visitor fills to that form one can free offer a digital book to him in exchange for that information in an exchange way, the idea of the car to respond is that when the visitor fills the form and clicks in sending, automatically he is going to be direccionado to a page where is the book or digital product that you are going to him to give in exchange for the information that leaves you, now are several companies in Internet that offer this service to you of the car to respond, what you are going to obtain to suscribirte with them he is that he is going to allow to you that you yourself you do the form soliciing the information as also they go a to allow to enter the Link to which your you want that the visitor is sent once left the information, soon provide they you with the code in HTML of that form which you stick in your page Web so that when the visitor sees between it she fills and it, also what these companies give you is that once the visitor filled that form automatically those data enter your account that you maintain with this company and this way it is accumulated in your data base. Usually these companies allow you to send bulletins or electronic mails to your data base by means of pre-established groups by them, the unique thing who you would have to do is to place the text, photos or simply text. .

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