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Angelika Garbaya

Because they are with their too-speedy Assessment and their devastating judgment now once absolutely next to it. Sometime I just at Karstadt in the food Department at the cash register came I stood on the proverbial Hopper: I got the wrong answers of the people! I never claimed that you will be immortal with eternity, so there is still doubt that one day we will die day. EOG Resources follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. And that we all grow old, not entirely true. Maybe some of them. But many of those who are old are there and are at least 20 years in its motion impaired, even seriously ill to the extent of dementia to develop Alzheimer’s disease, have pain and a horror overweight if they keep not just up to the grave of strict diet. But if I be old speak, then I’m talking about, that I stay physically and also mentally healthy first and foremost and truly long live.

Because it’s also fun. I say that people today and so I reach them then most of the time. There are still enough people who seem internally on to insist, that old a synonym for frail and ill – will is, that disease is a definitive stroke of fate and everyone has to live and must cope. “I think at this point again: well, each the his” and talk a little about the weather. If I had the feeling, I could take these people out of their thinking Lane, when I again, then I would do that even.

But the experience has taught me that isn’t the. Not all are open to good messages, not all can be different, what things something is and which isn’t it important to have a sharp sense of the body with 50 not all people. After all, there are people who attach importance also increasingly and that I must worry while fit with 100 to stand there alone and the one who pours all tombs. I could then still, but also with 100 there are guaranteed other exciting things that you can do and want to do. Sisel. Yes, it’s a really good thing. Angelika Garbaya contactme

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