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An Open Letter To Christian Wulff

Please to the new Federal President: character set for the protection of girls from genital mutilation Hamburg, the 06.07.2010. “Representative of the nationwide Alliance for the protection of girls against female genital mutilation” asked the new President today in an open letter, to send a signal to human rights: the sponsorship of his predecessor for the millionth sponsored child “by PLAN International, the President should take over until then, when the Organization her tolerance against-about female genital mutilation in the projects is a. Follow others, such as Ann Davies, and add to your knowledge base. Because PLAN anchored the renunciation of this violence in the eligibility criteria, nor he will be claimed by the recipient communities. Also, the annual health checks of all children are not used to verify the integrity of the girl. This policy of tolerance is not only a fraud on thousands of donors and donors who trust the advertising promises that a sponsorship will secure the healthy growth of children. It also violates a number African and international conventions, E.g. the UN CRC.

The comparatively small amounts so far invested PLAN without proof of success in isolated projects against genital mutilation, can not outweigh the damage of this policy, which has already clearly explains Waris Dirie 2008: from my own experience I know that genital mutilation means something so terrible, that it can be made well again with nothing and also not with safe drinking water, Vaccinations or school visits outweighed be can. Who claims to want to improve the lives of children, but at the same time failed to protect them from genital mutilation must miss his target. How long do development aid organizations to allow still that little girl be mutilated in their projects, rather than to engage vigorously for their protection?” In September 2009, the Godfather girl campaign brought”these facts to the public for the first time and showed practical solutions for the sustainable Protection of of godfather girl, that can be implemented without additional investment. But still up to 240,000 PLAN sponsor girls in 14 countries of this violence are helplessly exposed. The Federal President is asked to leave until the protective measures are implemented for the most basic rights of the child to make and the sponsorship plan as long as rest.

Here you will find the full letter: letter President 06.07.pdf more information: Alliance for the protection of girls from genital mutilation c/o task force for effective prevention of genital mutilation e.V.

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