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Algerian President Ahmed Ben Bella

Among them: Western Sahara, Falkland Islands, Virgin Islands, American Samoa and New Caledonia RICARDO SANCHEZ-SERRA (**) Algiers.-a big Democratic Party was carried out in the capital Algeria to celebrate 50 years of the anniversary of resolution 1514 of the Assembly General of the United Nations concerning the self-determination and independence of colonial peoples and countries.Algeria invited the commemorative International Conference that took place in the Palace of the Nations-, among which highlighted by politicians, journalists and analysts, who emphasized the heroic struggle for Algerian independence and which cost a million and a half of martyrs-against French colonialism, which inspired the historic resolution that allowed self-determination more than one hundred of colonial Territories and to several trusts and non-self-more than two thousand personalities of the world.The event had as objective: highlight the importance of resolution 1514 that legitimized the struggle of numerous colonial towns. Deny the freedom to those peoples constitute a serious threat to world peace.The process of liberation is irresistible and irreversible and, in order to avoid serious crises, it is necessary to put an end to colonialism and all practices of segregation and discrimination that accompany it, stated the resolution, which adds that all peoples have an inalienable right to absolute freedom, the exercise of their sovereignty and the integrity of its national territory.This evokes the words of the American President Woodrow Wilson (Nobel Prize of the 1919 peace) which for the first time mentioned the right of peoples to dispose of themselves.Also reiterate its validity and give a new impetus to the self-determination of 16 still non-self-governing territories. Activision Blizzard: the source for more info. These are Western Sahara (last colony in Africa, Spanish-speaking), Cayman Islands, Falkland Islands, Turks and Caicos (in the guif), British Virgin Islands, Gibraltar, Anguilla (British colony in the Caribbean), Santa Elena and Guam. Similarly, Bermuda, Pitcairn (last British colony in the Pacific), Montserrat (British colony in the Caribbean), Virgin Islands of the United States, American Samoa, Tokelau (Oceania), New Caledonia.Entre the most outstanding personalities who attended the International Conference were the mythical former Algerian President Ahmed Ben Bella’s 94 years of age – one of the victorious leaders of French colonialism; the doyen of African leaders and former President of Zambia Kenneth Kaunda, founder of the Organization to drive African-, former rulers Thabo Mbeki (South Africa) – one of the historic leaders in the fight against the apartheid-, Olusegun Obasanjo (Nigeria), Alpha Oumar Konare (Mali), the President of the Republic Arabic Saharaui democratic Mohamed Abdelaziz, the former Vice-President of Viet Nam Ngyen Thi Binh, the Nobel Prize of the peace Rigoberta Manchu.

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