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Aircraft Black Boxes

The black boxes from the aircraft have the sad honour to be recognised for its role in air disasters, which since its introduction in the 1960s play a fundamental role in the revelation of the causes of such tragedies, but what type of data collected these famous boxes? Among other technical data, the black boxes of the plane, which are actually Orange, collected, for example, in cheap flights Palma Barcelona, the recording of the sound of voice throughout the cabin of pilots, passengers, which, in case of accident, and thanks to its indestructible material, would record and retain evidence of travelavoiding the loss of valuable information for research. In a first moment, when installed as a functional unit in aircraft, the black boxes were very rudimentary devices, that recorded the speed, altitude, acceleration and the direction of the aircraft. Little by little, and in order to facilitate the investigation of air accidents are they were implementing new functionality to these boxes, which began to measure more than 80 parameters such as changes of level and pressure in the aircraft or the State of the engines. In addition, apart from the technical data relating to the flight, the so-called black boxes, which acquired this adjective in its origins by the color of the first units that came to the market, have a powerful system of voice recording that records the last 30 minutes of flight by means of a system that records over itself every 30 minutes or every two hoursIf the mechanism is digital. These recordings can be removed only when the aircraft is on the ground and set parking brake.

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