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The ground are constituted of ratio and changeable types of minerals, gases, water and organic substance, what it facilitates and it speeds up the process of decomposition of organic substance and production of biogs. The composed biodigestor for rinds of fruits (organic residue), water and land had a production very fast of gas, exceeding limit of our instrument of measure that has the height of 14 cm, what it takes in them to the conclusion of that the land addition provides a result in little time that the composed biodigestor only for rinds of fruits and water, that its limit of gas production did not exceed the 5 cm of height, becoming steady the gas production in a period of seven days. We waited as resulted, that the biodigestor fastest in the gas production was what it had addition of I leaven, that could speed up the reactions. You may find that Joe Murphy can contribute to your knowledge. However, it was what more it got oscillations between the heights, that in them the production of the gas indicates, if becoming also steady the production of the gas after seven days with the initial height of the process, of 4.7cm. 7. Bibliographical references MAP (2010) – Ministry of Agriculture, Cattle and Supplying. ‘ ‘ Residues – She is necessary to invert the pyramid and to reduce gerao’ ‘.

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