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windream SAPcommand connects to the SAP world enterprise content management Bochum, 09 January 2012. The windream GmbH, manufacturer and provider of enterprise-content-management-system windream, introduces an advanced solution for SAP applications under the name “windream SAPcommand”, which is characterized by an extended range of functions compared to earlier versions of windream-SAP integration. The new windream-SAPcommand software allows you to connect ERP windream ECM system SAP applications, such as for example SAP. With a generic interface to the SAP world, the solution SAP users opened numerous new application possibilities for the processing of incoming documents, which were possible only with great effort. windream SAPcommand in detail windream SAPcommand does exactly what users have always asked: the merging of different software worlds to a fully integrated system. With windream SAPcommand also SAP users benefit from the advantages of ECM system windream without of their usual environment having to say goodbye. windream SAPcommand allows users to not only – as already – associate all SAP-specific processes with any documents that are stored in the ECM system.

The reverse path is possible. The link between documents and SAP applications via the building blocks provided by SAP. In this context, the windream ECM system architecture allows to take advantage of the SAP modules according to specific customer requirements. Windream SAPcommand linked seamlessly with SAP applications the documents stored in the windream ECM-system results in a direct connection between SAP-specific editing processes and powerful enterprise content management? In this context, both scanned and electronically created input documents – can be safely archive for example Office documents or E-Mails – as also faxes and already in windream stored information and linking with SAP application documents. The required indexing takes place fully automatically in the background, so that no further manual intervention are necessary for the user. The indices can be used for document identification and mining in windream, as well as in the SAP application.

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