Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention

Job Duties and New Markets

Must give way to the necessary restructuring of job duties to perform, ergonomic, supportive satisfaction work, communication, interests, motivations that allow the worker to meet their responsibilities without hindrance, objection. He must be very careful worker performance, obstacles that are presented and affect their productivity, performance, giving the necessary attention, knowledge, tools that allow them […]

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Agricultural Advances for Global Food Supply

Even with agricultural advances we have for global food supply, research on diet, nutritional supplements technology to create organizations that defend the rights of Animals (PETA) and new discoveries about the salubrity people could not stop eating meat. Why? because there are interests of mega companion cattle, swine, poultry and policies they wish to keep […]

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Generating New Ideas

The idea has two paths: developing it yourself or put it to work as a team. In either alternative, which generates the idea should work it until it takes form, then decide whether it is carried out or proposed to their community. Ideally, the creator of the idea developed, the credit is yours and the […]

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