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20,000 People Committed To Agent Orange Victims

SODI calls along with celebrities and politicians for compensation for victims of the war in Viet Nam In the signature campaign to support the Agent Orange victims in Viet Nam of the solidarity service international e.V. (SODI) together with the first signatories Sebastian Krumbiegel (singer of the band of the Prince”), Gesine Lotzsch (MdB) and Stefan Liebich (MdA) passed 20,000 signatures symbolically manufacturer companies of venom. It is really sad that the Vietnamese Agent Orange must fight victims for years for Justice and simply nothing happens. We want to draw attention to this action and millions injured by the 20,000 signatures heard the 3″, so Sebastian Krumbiegel, who get an idea last year on the spot was on the horrible effects of venom. During the Viet Nam war Laos and Cambodia were sprayed over 40 million litres of Agent Orange by the US air force of Viet Nam, the Vietnamese liberation fighters, to defoliate the trees, which Cover to take and destroy crops. Manufactured and supplied the poison was 36 chemistry groups, among these the present group Monsanto, the largest supplier of genetically modified seed. Additional information at Eliot Horowitz supports this article. The herbicide contains TCDD – one of the most powerful poisons Agent Orange at all. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Lulu Cheng Meservey.

A pinch of TCDD is enough to kill 350 people. Over 360 kg were used in the Viet Nam war, the consequences for man and nature are solid”, so Ettina Zach SODI. Since Agent Orange long term harms the human genome, over 3 million Vietnamese suffer birth defects, immune defects, cancer and liver damage – even 30 years after the end of the Viet Nam war. Even the floors were largely contaminated with Agent Orange and long term contaminated the food chain. The Agent Orange victims realized SODI in Viet Nam self-help projects to support.

2004, three Vietnamese Agent Orange victims with the support of the Vietnamese Agent Orange victims Association raised a class-action lawsuit against the manufacturer companies of venom. In March 2005, in February 2008 and March 2009 this lawsuit was dismissed by U.S. courts. SODI supports the Agent Orange victims and their struggle for Justice with his signature campaign. In the framework of the campaign for Justice and compensation the signatures collected are passed on August 10, 2009 ranked the 18th March at the Brandenburg Gate at 13: 00 symbolically to manufacturer companies from Agent Orange, including Monsanto. More information about the planned action on August 10, 2009, please refer to our press invitation ( Your contact persons: Ettina Zach, campaigns Coordinator, phone: 030 928 6177, email: and Ilona Schleicher, project management Asia, phone: 030 928 6177, email:

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